Coinbase Wallet lets you earn interest with deeper Eth DeFi integration

Coinbase’s mobile wallet app Coinbase Wallet puts you in control of your crypto assets. The app already lets you access decentralized crypto apps (dapps) using a dapp browser. But Coinbase is going one step further, with deep integrations with some of the most popular DeFi projects. DeFi means “decentralized finance,” and it has been a hot trend in the cryptocurrency space. DeFi projects try to reproduce traditional financial products in the blockchain. For instance, you can lend and borrow money, invest in derivative assets and more. Our product Eth Defi's liquidity mining project, liquidity mining is a way to generate rewards by wallet holders receiving node credentials that are then added to a liquidity gain mining pool. To receive mining rewards, cryptocurrency holders store funds in their liquidity wallets, making them liquid absentees who rely on smart contracts to mine for rewards. Its highlight is the security of the principal without pledging, the customer money in their own wallet, only need to receive a node credential to operate, the funds that ensure the security and daily income. Eth DEFI liquidity mining is a way to generate benefits by the wallet holder receiving a node credential and then joining the liquidity gain mining pool. To get more rewards, cryptocurrency (ETH) holders will receive more funds to store in their liquidity wallets, making them liquidity absentees who rely on smart contracts to mine for revenue. Defi liquidity mining, which is mainly built on the blockchain of Ether, is a way to gain mineral revenue by providing liquidity through the Defi product of Ether. Simply put, deposit tokens. For example, you can deposit USDT assets for mining. The reason why it is called "mining" is also following the industry term of Bitcoin mining.

I will explain ETH DIFI liquidity mining in a short and simple way

Where are the mining earnings from?

Once a user participates in mining, liquid node mining will be activated and settled 4 times a day, once every 6 hours. Mining proceeds are calculated in proportion to the liquid node pool user's wallet tokens. Mining proceeds will be released to the user's centralized wallet upon successful community submission. The total amount of liquid node mining is accounted for as a percentage of the user's total wallet tokens. The more tokens you have in the liquidity pool, the more tokens you will receive from mining.

How do i need to join?

Participating in non-destructive and non-guaranteed liquidity mining requires payment of ETH miner fees to receive the replacement gold coupons, and the ETH wallet address only needs to be claimed once. Automatically open mining permissions after success

How do i withdraw money

You can convert your daily ETH into USDT and initiate a withdrawal, which will be automatically sent to your mining wallet address, no other address is supported

What is the yield percentage rate?

Below 10000USDT≈1.6%-2.0% yield

10000USDT-50000USDT≈2.0%-2.4% yield




500,000USDT-1,000,000USDT≈ 4%-5%yield

Over 1,000,000≈5.5%yield

Mining Pool data Total output


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